I am very fortunate to have some brilliant owners without whom none of this would be possible. They are extremely supportive, attending almost every event, as well as supporting and watching each others horses, helping to make an outing of every event, whether it be a young horse doing their first event, to my top horses competing at some of the most prestigious international events. I am always looking for horses to join my team and new owners to enjoy the team spirit we have created. 


Mum and Dad are easily the most versatile members of the team, from lorry drivers to caterers, to owning some wonderful horses with me, whatever I need, they help if they can! Mum is brilliant at helping groom at events when needed, and has many years experience doing it, as I reckon I competed in my first horse trials well over a decade ago! Dad is well known in the lorry park for keeping everyone entertained, whether it be at breakfast or dinner, and he is becoming a dab hand with a camera too, getting some great shots of the horses in action.   

Yaz - Girlfriend

My poor girlfriend Yaz gets roped into just about anything. She is the first to offer to help, however inconvenient it might be for her. Yaz currently has two young horses that she is producing herself, one of which is Inchello DHI, of whom she rode to a bronze medal at the World Championships for 6 year olds in 2019 representing Norway. She has previously competed at the Pony Europeans, as well as grooming for other successful event riders and completing a degree at Leeds University in English Literature and History. Her experience means I can trust her as an extra pair of hands whatever the job, from galloping to grooming, the list is endless.  


have now established a great team of enthusiastic staff to work alongside me at Redhouse Farm. Our newest team member, Keileigh, is proving to be a fantastic addition as head girl working alongside Yaz and I to make sure the horses are in the best condition possible at all times. Robbie and Ellie complete our team and do a great job ensuring the daily routine runs smoothly and the horses are all looking their best. Robbie is also very happy to help me out with the 'boy' jobs on the yard which is great!


Tigga previously shod my horses whilst I was at the Fox-Pitt's and now I have moved back to the South, he can help with ensuring their feet are in the best possible condition for the job. He is someone I have been associated with for many years, so is a friendly face on the yard and well trusted to look after my horses.

Stephanie Brighton - Physio

Steph has provided me and my horses with expert help for many years as our team physio. The horses, no matter what level, all feel the strains of being top performing athletes, and thus need help and assistance in freeing up their muscles. Steph is well trusted to look after the horses to the best  of their needs, and is so dedicated she even spent a week at Burghley looking after Dynasty whilst competing in his first 4*.

Andy Bathe - Rossdales Veterinary Clinic

Andy has been my main vet for many years, and has dealt with the horses thoroughly and expertly. He has become such an important part of the team that the horses get driven all the way down to see him for their post-event checks! The impressive facilities at Rossdales and all the staff that come with it make it somewhere I will always use and trust with the care of the horses.


I have used Devoucoux saddles for many years, so this year it was great to start a partnership with them and Amanda Gibson who is the rep for my area. Their saddles are extremely versatile in terms of fitting a variety of horses, but they also ensure I am as secure as possible. I look forward to maintaining a strong partnership with them. 

Omega Equine

Omega Equine joined my team recently and their feeds have made a real difference to the horses, keeping them looking and feeling fantastic. They have a wide range of products to suit all types of horses partaking in any discipline, all of which are of the highest quality. I am proud to be an ambassador for Omega and look forward to growing a long term relationship with them. 


I became an ambassador for Walnut Hill Equine Veterinary Clinic during the 2017 season. I was extremely impressed by their services and facilities of their clinic and the work I had done there by vet Jack Wallace. I highly reccomend  them and am proud to be an ambassador for their growing practice.

terravesta Equine

We were first introduced to Terravesta bedding at Osberton Horse Trials. Having moved away from using a wood pellet, we have been extremely impressed with the absorbency and the lack of dust that comes with this miscanthus bedding. We love that the horses can now enjoy thick, comfortable beds whilst we still have a relatively small muck heap in comparison to that created by straw and shavings. With a yard of 20 stables, Terravesta have been fantastic in enabling us to bulk order pallets of bedding with great customer service and communication - this product has transformed my stables and I would highly recommend it. 

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