Day 2 - Dressage

Although I was very happy with my draw and definitely will be not having to sit around too long on Saturday, it's not always preferable for dressage. Dynasty spent some time, whilst we were at Millstreet, with Amy Woodhead at her yard having a spot of dressage boot camp. Now I know everyone says that Ian makes miracles happen, but Amy really does too!

I have to say both her and Yaz looked slightly concerned as we fluffed change after change in the warm up arena, however when Raffles went into the arena he really tried his heart out to get everything as good as we could. It's probably the first time on him that I was happy not to want to go back in and do it again - we scored an entirely respectable 33.2 and stayed within the top 25 all the way until the end of the dressage. And most importantly, all thanks to Amy's hard work, 3 out of 4 of the flying changes happened and we could almost say they were good!

Photos thanks to Eventing Images

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