Redhouse Farm Comes to Life

Although I can't say I particularly enjoy the winter, cold weather and dark evenings, it has given us a lot of time to really move in and get started with developing Redhouse Farm into the yard we want it to be. It was all systems go for the team at Hancox Equestrian, putting in tie ups, both wet and dry, as well as 3 new stables, taking us up to 13 boxes.

Most of the horses went on holiday straight after the end of the season, so have been back in and doing their walk work, but a couple of the younger horses stayed in work so they could do a few days hunting, something I think is very important for them. These went out a little later so have just come in to have their shoes back on, meaning all the horses are back in work and have started prepping for the season.

We must say thank you to our fantastic bedding suppliers, Aquamax for sending us some very festive beanie hats to keep us warm through the winter months - the horses love the bedding, as do the humans, as it's super easy to muck out and no horrible smelling stables!!

Additionally, we had a new toy installed, and almost a week in and the horses are absolutely loving it. The new theraplate supplied by F&Co Equine Ltd is a circular motion plate, with the aim of helping blood flow, meaning better feet and hopefully less need for help from the vet - we are very happy with the improvement in how the horses feel having been on it, especially the older horses, hoping it will help keep all the horses feeling 110% this season!

And I thought Christmas was supposed to be less busy?!

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